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I was particularly interested in owning my own business because I wanted to work for myself but didn’t have the money to purchase a franchise or buy an established business.  The main benefit of buying this business-in-a-box system is that you are your own boss and have the help of Neil and the team for all your marketing so I don’t have to worry about getting inquiries and leads. Plus I really enjoy working outdoors!”


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Start Your Digital Marketing Business & Earn Extra Income Today!

Includes FREE –

  • How To Start And Succeed With Your Own Digital Marketing Business eBook,
  • Free Business Cards, Free Flyers,
  • 49 Powerful Marketing Strategies to Skyrocket Your Sales
  • Free leads* when you purchase this Business In A Box Solution.

We have done all the hard work for you by creating all the systems you need to start your own Digital Marketing Business. No Skill Required. For More Info CLICK HERE or visit 


All you need to do now is get your laptop, phone and internet connection and get started!

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What You Don't Have To Worry About!


  • No Expensive Franchise Fees and Charges
  • If you buy an established business, you make take on their Bad Reviews and Bad Debts
  • No Huge Upfront Cost to Buy our Business-In-A-Box unlike buying an Established Business
  • Buying an Established Business That Doesn't Have A Client List, So You Cannot Get Recurring Sales
  • An under-performing established business can require a lot of investment to make it profitable.
  • We Have Taken Care Of Your Google ads Marketing (Lead Generation) So You Don't Need To Stress About Getting New Inquiries
  • You Get A Readymade Mobile Responsive SEO Optimized Website to kick start your Business
  • Dedicated support - from getting your 1st sale to scaling your business to the next level - we are with you to ensure YOUR SUCCESS!
  • You take care of your business and let us worry about your marketing


Increase Your Revenue & Make money by helping local business owners generate more online leads and inquiries in your local area.

Join the Digital Marketing Boom | WORK From Anywhere, Anytime!

  • The only business opportunity that lets you make money in your sleep – by getting your managers to manage your business!
  • Easily own a business providing Digital Marketing solutions to businesses.
  • Help local business owners solve their most pressing problem – lead generation.
  • This really is an ultimate lifestyle business where you can make an impressive living using our proven systems with no royalties or monthly fees.
  • Very flexible lifestyle business that removes the shackles of a 9-5.
  • No tech work or coding knowledge needed – we build digital marketing campaigns – you simply sell them!
  • Hire your own team and watch your income skyrocket
  • No territory restrictions so you can sell to anywhere in the world.

Do You Want To:

  • Be Your Own Boss
  • Increase Your Income
  • Work Flexible Hours To Suit Your Lifestyle
  • Start Earning Within A Few Days
  • Work Part Time or Full Time


  • No Experience Needed – If You Can make phone calls, use the internet and genuinely like helping small business owners generate more leads and inquiries…  You Can Do this!
  • Ideal if You Enjoy Customer Service
  • Low Investment Business – You Just Need a laptop and internet connection
  • Increase Your Revenue By Adding More Services
  • Expand Your Business By Targeting More Locations
  • Work Part Time or Full Time For Additional Revenue
  • Scale Your Business By Employing Staff

Here's What You Get

MORE INFO: Click Here For More Info or visit this link  

Name: Select A Business Name (We’ll help you choose the right one)

Price: WAS $4740.00 NOW $1490

Website:  (Similar to this one – can be customized to suit your brand)

Summary: Make money by helping small business owners make more money by generating more leads and enquiries

Who it Suits: This business is ideal for people who enjoy helping other business owners

Skills Required: No speciality skill needed apart from basic knowledge of basic internet. You simply resel our services and products

Expected Revenue: You can charge clients $250 to $500 per job. e. Research shows that digital marketing business owners earned between $25,000 and $150,000 during their first year of business. Thereafter, the earnings increased to $160,000 to $250,000 after a few years of business ( source wikihow)

Marketing: Get started with Flyers, Business Cards, Social media posts. You will receive a Completed Business Plan and How To Start And Succeed With Your Own Digital Marketing business eBook when you purchase this Business In A Box Solution.

LEADS SUPPLIED: We can provide daily leads and enquiries to you if you hire our marketing services – contact us to discuss further

  • Free Business Card Template
  • Free Flyer Template
  • How To Run A Successful Digital Marketing Business eBook
  • 49 Proven Marketing Strategies To Skyrocket Your Business eBook

PLUS Fully Set Up Google AdWords Campaign Generating Live Leads

PLUS SEO Optimized Mobile Friendly Website

Happy Clients

“The biggest benefit for me was the ability to earn additional working income part-time on the weekends. Now I’ve cut back on my normal job hours to work in my business”


“I love the flexibility. I work the hours I want to work and make the money I want to make. This control over my own destiny has given me the recreational time I needed to spend time with my family”.


Frequently Asked Questions

How does this work?

Quite simple really.

We have made it super simple for you to get started in your own business - by creating a Ready-made Business-In-A-Box solution.

We know starting your own business can take several weeks especially the marketing side so we have made it easy for you by taking care your lead generation (getting online inquiries from customers ready to purchase your services in your area).

So you can take care of your customers and let us worry about getting your leads and enquiries.

We developed a LIVE landing page and created a LIVE Google ads campaign. We are getting real LIVE leads as you read this page - people inquiring who are ready to purchase these services.

You can even call these leads to verify their authenticity.

Every little detail has been taken care of to get you started fast, including live inquiries, your website, email addresses, flyers, business cards and any other marketing you may need so all you now have to do is to purchase our Business-In-A-Box Solution, the equipment you may need to start and add your Ad-Spend budget ( so Google can show the ads).


What exactly does the marketing campaign involve?

Lead generation is the most challenging part of marketing for businesses so we created our Leads On Demand system.

To make online lead generation simpler, we created a ready-made solution for you. This is designed to save you the time and effort it requires to hire an experienced website developer and then find a reliable digital marketing agency to run your Google Ads and SEO campaign.

Each campaign is designed to provide leads for your business. We set up a Google Ads campaign specific to the services you want to promote ensuring your ads stand out from the competition and demands attention, then create highly relevant and targeted landing pages so that your website can maximize the conversions,  thereby giving you highly qualified and ready to buy leads.

Your very own 24/7 lead generating machine!

Will I get leads today?

When your campaign goes live, you'll start getting leads almost instantly depending on your Ad Spend budget. Our aim is to get your ads visible on Google's 1st page as soon as possible for specific search terms related to your industry.

Generally, the more you spend on Ad Spend, the more often Google shows your ads.

Disclaimer: We will do our upmost best to get your ads on the 1st page of Google however we cannot guarantee leads or sales. We will show you Google reports on impressions, traffic and clicks to your landing page so you can evaluate further action


What is the cost?

We know how difficult lead generation is, that's why we have created an easy solution for you to get started with online advertising fast!

You'll get an SEO optimized wordpress website complete with custom domain name, Google ads campaign setup, Google analytics, Custom email and some free leads*** . NOTE: The package does NOT include Ad - Spend ( the money you pay Google to show your ads)

The one-off cost of each Business-In-A-Box package that includes the website starts from $1490. Marketing your business and business coaching/mentoring is an additional cost. Click here for more details 

Are there additional charges?

The only additional monthly charges are website hosting which starts at $29 per month for a single website.

Our Google Ads management charges are 20% of your ad spend.

Apart from that is what you decide to pay Google to show your ads, plus any other marketing strategies you may want us to implement for you

If you want more than the basic website package or assistance with business growth please check out our pricing section

Why seo and ppc together?

Search engine marketing (SEM) is paid advertising with almost instant results (if done right). Whereas search engine optimisation (SEO) may not give you the results as fast but it pays off well over time. They both have their place for achieving short and long-term website traffic goals.

How much should I spend on Google Ads?

We suggest $5 to $150 per day to start depending on your budget however we can research the CPC for your industry first.

Do I get an exclusive area?


We will not sell the same area to another business in your industry and within your location. Plus your website will be custom branded to your business name. All images and content will be custom branded to your brand.

Once you sign up to our Business-In-A-Box package, we will ensure your exclusivity and confidentiality.

Is there a contract?


No contract - Cancel anytime! - We do however request that before cancelling you give us 14 days notification so we can disable the campaign.

Can you guarantee sales?

We will help you generate leads and inquiries, however converting and closing those leads into sales is your job.

Our Business Coaching & Mentoring is designed to assist you with lead conversion and client fulfilment - so have a chat to Neil for more strategies on closing sales and securing future clients

Can I turn off my ads?

Most definitely. If you find you're getting more business that you can handle please advice us and we can pause the campaign or run it on a shorter time schedule

Can I target different locations?

Yes. Let us know what areas you wish to get leads from and we can adjust that on the backend. No matter what location you are in Australia - we can target ads to run in your locality 


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